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12.07.2009, 13:18
The Lonely Island (TLI) is an American comedy troupe composed of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg, best known for their musical parodies. The group is from Berkeley, California, and is currently based in New York City. The group began creating live comedy skits in junior high and continued to do so, expanding its repertoire to comedic shorts, music parody (both songs and videos), and one full-length television pilot, before coming to the attention of Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Once on the show, they wrote "Lazy Sunday", a better-produced music parody video much like the group's previous work.[1] It became an instant Internet success, and led to the creation of similar 'digital shorts' which were also aired on Saturday Night Live. "Dick in a Box", "Jizz in My Pants", "Like a Boss" and "I'm on a Boat" have subsequently had huge success both on the show and on the Internet and prompted the recording and release of an album, Incredibad[2], which has seen the group move in a more musical direction.

In August 2007, the group premiered its first feature film, Hot Rod.[3]

Quelle: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lonely_Island


Die sind sau geil, ham richtig lustige Texte. Man sollte halt dem englischen mächtig sein, aber sooo schwer sind die Texte auch nicht. Und wenn man das Video dazu anguckt versteht man es eh.

Hier mal meine Favoriten:

Like a boss:

Jizz in my pants:

I'm on the boat (ft. T-Pain):

Na, kommen sie euch jetzt bekannt vor? Nein? Dann hört nochmal hin oder klickt hier, die Jungs sind schon länger bekannt:

Und hier noch ein Feature mit Natalie Portman bei SNL: